Picture yourself on your special day. Whether that’s your wedding morning when you’re preparing to say “I do” to the love of your life, or in the green room before your very first TV appearance (of many). Every fold of your dress has to be perfect; every ribbon, every inch of lace, every strand of hair, even the straps of those gorgeous high heels—all perfect. And in the foundation and mascara-smeared hands of the right makeup artist, you’ll feel perfect too. You deserve to, after all. You’ve earned it.

Here are some of the ways we can help you realize your vision for that perfect day:

  • The Essential Package (Hair and Makeup)
  • Policies (Contracts, deposits, etc.) [LINKTO download]
  • What to expect/how to prepare
    • Let’s be Facebook friends! Personal style photos are extremely helpful; seeing you on social media gives me an idea of your unique flair.
    • Bring pictures of red carpet styles you like for hair, makeup and wardrobe. This eliminates miscommunications about certain techniques or styles—for instance, “cat eyes” can mean many different styles.
    • Come to any session with clean, dry hair and skin. You might have heard that dirty hair is best for styling. I want to shake the person who started this rumor!
    • If there is something you don’t like, speak up! I’m here to make you feel beautiful, and you’ll only hurt my feelings if you leave unhappy. I might be an artist and take pride in this creative talent, but what I love most of all is when you walk away feeling your best.